Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gulab Jamoon

Gulab Jamoon Powder(preferably MTR)
Cups of Water and Sugar in the ratio 1:2

a>For making dough:
1>Mix the gulab jamoon powder and water in the ratio 1:0.25 in blender to make a dough.
2>Make tiny balls of the dough(make TINY balls of dough only because,if you make Larger ones,it will start breaking when you fry in oil.. Also,the tiny balls of dough will become big when you fry in oil)
3>Fry the tiny balls of dough in oil till they turn golden brown. Remove from fire and keep aside.

b>Method for preparing Sugar Syrup:
1>Mix 1:2 cups of water and sugar in a frying pan until a thick sugary paste is formed.

c>Method for making Gulab Jamoons:1>Add the fried balls of dough to the sugar syrup prepared and fry till the dough absorbs sugar syrup.
2>Remove from fire and serve hot.

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